Business GCSE teachers call-out for Redbridge social enterprises to help pupils with a module – let’s get a directory together

INspired by sports logoWe are delighted to  find out that the current Business GCSE syllabus for the first time includes a module on social enterprise. :) Just had a call from Trinity School teacher Salma Rahman asking to meet Trinity pupils to help their research on social enterprise.  Had a call from Emma Sullivan from Wanstead High School in June.

Emma’s email: Dear Ros, year 10 students have been busy researching the local area through the use of government databases as well as visiting the local community and completing questionnaires to find out any social needs in the area. They also visited the Redbridge Green Fair in Valentines park on May 29th which they found very useful. The support from the local community has been overwhelming and the feedback they have received on the local area has been extremely useful. The students have found out the social needs that the community require and would now like to hold a focus group to develop their understanding of these highlighted issues and how the borough plans to overcome these.

recycles ilford logoWe realise that there is no list of Redbridge social enterprises. We are in touch with some but there must be many others. We are now recruiting for a volunteer to do 10-15 hours work to set up an  online social enterprise database.   Our green business volunteers have created an online database for green Redbridge businesses which has proved useful, so let’s extend it!

If you can help Trinity School pupils by attending on either Wednesday 14th or 21st September at 9.30 am for about an hour please email

If you want to see what the pupils need to find out:

  1. 26. Identify areas of social need • You have been asked to identify areas of social need which could be met by a social enterprise that are not currently provided for by existing enterprises. • You will be carrying out some research later in the controlled assessment
  2. 27. Report… • You are required to write a report in which you demonstrate how one specific social enterprise could successfully meet a local need. • Your report will need to have sections, a front cover and a series of appendices

We would love to hear any comments or thoughts about this – please use the comment box at the end.



Oooh Redbridge charity wants Timebank hours not money for the hire of its venue!

Final business seminar for community groups is at Marjorie Collins centre 22 Sept

The Redbridge Timebank is a tremendous resource for the borough and needs more community groups to take the plunge, join and then give and take. We were delighted that the Marjorie Collins centre requested 4 Timebank hours for the final Enterprising Sam cowan yoga cartoonRedbridge business seminar on Thursday 22 September so it can book 4 more sessions chair yoga for users with Sam Cowan.:)

A Timebank helps people and organisations in the borough to connect and get the help they need.  This includes start-ups, community groups and businesses.  People and groups join because they have a skill to offer or need some help.

There is no financial cost. The ‘currency’ is one hour of time.  It’s flexible so you can do as little or as many time exchanges as you want. There’s a database of members and skills and we run skills swap and trading events regularly.

Redbridge Timebank logoExample: Richard helps Anita with Ebay.  Diksha gives Richard some help with yogic breathing.  Carlton helps Diksha to set up a Facebook page.  Amanda helps Carlton with his accounts. Corine gives Amanda some French conversation practice.  Martin services Corine’s bike and gets a flyer designed for his community group…..

As you can see, Timebanks are a good way of building up the ‘sharing economy’.

  • Drop by to Enterprise Desk (2nd floor Ilford library) on Tuesday 30th August between 12 and 4 for more info and to sign up.
  • Book up to join the final Enterprising Redbridge business seminar and there will be information about the follow up support we are offering, including the  Timebank.
  • Try and sign up for the Timebank here.
  • Send us a message here.


Detroit soup crowdfunding for social enterprises and business in Redbridge? Interested? Get in touch

Detroit soup image.jpgThanks to Vicky Torrance for this lead – micro-funding, fun events.

Soups are a growing worldwide experiment in crowdfunding local projects over community dinners. Starting in Detroit, there are now over 60 Soups across the UK.

Sounds like something that would be good to try in Redbridge. Sophia Hubs would be happy to organise it.

There’s an article about it here in The Guardian.

Interested – please comment or ring or email.🙂


Redbridge Chamber members networking bbq 11 Sept – join to get your invite!

Chamber bbqThe Redbridge Chamber is running a late summer bbq on Sunday 11th September.

Its a networking and family day.  You need to join the Chamber to get invited!  Start-up businesses can join the Chamber for one year’s free membership.

So, quick, join the Chamber and join in!🙂

Redbridge Chamber banner


August entrepreneurs club: celebrating freebies, sharing, social media and community spirited buildings…

We are running two entrepreneur’s clubs in August at Mont Rose college, Cranbrook Road, Ilford, a community orientated business willing to share it’s building for free.

  • Wednesday 17 August 10-12running your business or project using social media and a marketing budgetVic Norman £0.00.  Vic Norman, local personality, tutor and business owner of London Pub Tours will lead a lively and practical session on social media.
  • Wednesday 31 August 10-12 . Speaker to be advised.

Mont Rose College is keen to become part of the fabric of Redbridge community and business life and at the same time to build a key Bilal Sheikheducational establishment for the borough.🙂

The Principal Bilal Sheikh will be on hand to share his vision and to answer any questions.

On 3 Tuesdays throughout August  I will be at Enterprise Desk between 12 and 4 if you want any support to join the Redbridge Timebank.  16th, 23rd and 30th 12-3pm


Start-ups, events organisers, charities, want a free photoshoot? Student photographer needs assignments. Guest blog

Kevin JohnsonMy plan is to set up as a freelance photographer and I need your help!  I am looking for assignments to complete my Industry Work Experience module for University. I am a mature student and this October will be the start of my final year.

I specialise in Documentary, Portraiture and Street Photography but have recently photographed live bands and some Event Photography. I need to obtain another 22 hours work experience and am looking at all genres of photography and to meet new people in the industry. There’s a University form that will need to be completed after each event to authorise the volunteering.

My photos are mainly taken in a documentary style. I am open to all types of photography but would be interested in Events Photography, from Corporate Events, Live Shows, Weddings and parties. I am also into Editorial Photography this involves researching and producing stories with photographs. 

I have already been booked in for an assignment at the Ilford green pop up market on Saturday 13th August.  I’m from Newbury Park and looking forward to helping out Redbridge start-ups and organisations.

Thanks Sophia Hubs for this opportunity for a guest blog!

Kevin Johnson M: 07870683208 E:

Next open source IT tools workshop in Ilford library Friday 5th August 1pm. Join the sharing economy

Just Outsource it imageWhy pay for your computer programmes and processing when you can use open source?

For a celebration of the sharing economy, try out the monthly workshops in Redbridge central library organised by Enterprise Desk. Run by Waltham Forest small business Just Outsource It.

For websites, word processing,spreadsheets, presentations and graphic design, free and open source software is a powerful, professional option. These friendly drop-in sessions are open to all.

Try the latest software on our demonstration computer. Look at individual applications or a wholeoperating system. The focus is practical and tailored to your needs.

Ask questions and get one-to-one advice to use at work and at home.

  • General overview
  • Advice on software for a specific task
  • Document saving and compatibility
  • Security and backup
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency

We are providing this service in partnership with Redbridge Libraries. It is aimed at business users but everyone is welcome. Come along, whatever your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.